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Cannot see my games and play BTTF 2

posted by Lord_Dracon on - Viewed by 86 users


Every time when I login at Telltale Games site I cannot view my download BTTF download links (in "Your Games" / "Past Purchases" section):

"You haven't bought anything! If one of your orders doesn't appear here, email us with the order number and the email address on your My Telltale account and we'll link them up for you."

I received an automatic email from Telltale Games informing the release of BTTF 2 (Get Tannen!). I downloaded and installed the game. However, when I trying to login, I cannot log in the game:

"Sorry, but it doesn't look like you own Back to the Future: The Game. Try logging in again under a different account or pick up the game."

Can anyone help me? I'm having this problem for almost one month and am wanting to play the BTTF 2.

Issue Ticket: 43604
My Login: Lord_Dracon
My Email:
Order ID: 600093971148914
Purchase Date: December 24th, 2010
Payment Method: PayPal
Paid: $24,95 USD


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