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Why does everyone hate The Lost World: Jurassic Park?

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Ok I've never understood why everyone hates this film its one of the best of the 3, Jurassic Park being the best and The Lost World on par with it. But the third wasn't as good but it wasn't based off the novels like the other two were, making it to short and feel rushed. But I would like to know your thoughts on the second film.

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  • I have no idea... I liked all of them equally.

  • I don't hate it. It's just not the best of the trilogy.

  • Mostly because it made no sense.

    -We follow a series of protagonists whose actions result in the deaths of dozens of people but are expected to believe they are right.

    -InGen has been battling Malcolm for years to convince the public that Jurassic Park didn't exist, yet plans on opening Jurassic Park San Diego anyway.

    -InGen, who exists entirely by funding through investors wanting them to build Jurassic Park, still manages to exist as a proper corporation with no real product and tons of lawsuits and bills being thrown at it.

    -The "bad guys" in essence just wanted to take the animals and put them in a zoo, the "good guys" decided to unleash hell on the "bad guys" camp, let all the dinosaurs loose, and leave a group of 20 or so men practically defenseless with no way to call for help on an island full of dinosaurs to claim the moral highground.

    Further, the book made more sense where it was Biosyn who tries to get samples off the island and the Malcolm, Thorne, and Levine's team are there to investigate why dinosaurs are on the island and whether or not the island has reached environmental stability and become a Lost World, but the two sides rarely clash. In fact, the actions of Biosyn's team generally led to their deaths.

    I'd say it's the same reason why people hate Avatar so much, the movie decided to be preachy about the evils of man, who was extracting minerals so that humanity could survive, while blatantly ignoring the evils of the Na'vi, who slaughtered an unarmed human ambassador merely because they didn't see us as being worthy to talk to them, who call us insane, and are more sensitive that even the Middle East nations. So many people, myself included, found themselves cheering on the RDA and Colonel Quaritch in the film's third act rather than the protagonists.

    Don't try pushing a "corporations are the minions of Satan" moral on people in a movie that's the sequel of a movie whose moral was "Don't play God," no matter how liberal the scientists were or how conservative Hammond was, it's not a good idea. Politics should be left out of an adventure movie because you'll just end up angering half of your fan base.

  • theirs 2 types of fans of films the ones that pick at every off detail and complain that the plot makes no sense or theirs the kind like me that dont give a sh*t aslong as i see some dinosaurs kill people :D :D :D

  • I love The Lost World, I of course like the original even better but I still think Lost World is awesome.

  • Lost World really shows off the Natural living of Dino's... Although there are alot of flaws... Its my fave hands down. I still remember the goose bumbs i got at the time lol.

    For me is goes
    JP1 10/10
    JP2 8/10 (but still my fave)
    JP3 4/10

    (JP4 Dino weapons? 0/10 LOL)

  • I like all three .. I do not see why people hate on 3 so much it may not be as good as the other two but its far from a bad movie... the action was good, the acting was not bad.. Just one of those things I guess.

  • @Jozhster said: theirs 2 types of fans of films the ones that pick at every off detail and complain that the plot makes no sense or theirs the kind like me that dont give a sh*t aslong as i see some dinosaurs kill people :D :D :D

    theirs = There's
    2= two
    films = film,
    aslong =as long
    every off detail = every detail

    Can you guess which category I fall under? :p

  • I don't really hate it, but just one word:


    ...and maybe the inexplicable dead and maimed bodies on the boat's bridge. Nothing as big as an adult T-rex could have done that...

  • Haven't you discovered the sad truth yet? People get interested in a subject, they become experts so that they can get more involved with what they are interested in. New material comes out and fan boys cry that it's all a service for them and that they have standards and demands that must be met to the letter. Fan boys hate change, because they are afraid it will bring in new comers and it goes against what they've learned and molded themselves as supposed purist out of...

    Fan boys whine and cry with the smallest details, inconsitencies because it gives them something to talk about, it allows them to correct errors and mistakes intellectually and socially show every one else how big of a concerned, involved and dedicated fan boy they are to notice such things and how worthy of your time it is to speak to this fan boy because he makes valid points that can be validated by his vast trivial knowledge...

    Perspective has long since developed, and the fan boy tells you that he loves the material and understands it better than any one else, he's a purist now and sees the material a certain way. Subjectivity is now greatly outweighed by what he takes pride in as certain objective material. The fan boy now only searches for people to be united with who are also purists and agree with him, so that he feels loved himself and fits into the mold of what a true fan boy is.

    Fan boys HATE changes, and when creators decide to try new things, even if preserving some of the old, most of the old, fan boys always find something to whine about...

    Oh, and it also goes against their so very precious memories of entertainment. Which they find offensive and hurtful because those memories are so precious to them. Their experiences become less valid, their memories, their knowledge becomes less valid, and so they rush back in and blast off like rockets at their finger tips or jaw hinge how this and then that is all wrong.

    They subconsciouly want to re live their child hoods and want new content inspired, to grow based on what they have experienced in the past, but their afraid of change. They hate change. So most the time, if not all the time , fan boys will find something to complain about.

    The only thing worse than a excited fan boy, is a disappointed fan boy.

    I don't believe that you have anymore questions about this. Of course I haven't went into the deeper, less comprehensible reasons why fan boys act the way they do. But I'm not acting out of my human roots right now. I could break it down much further than this.

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