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What i'd like to see in Season 2!

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With season 2 of sam and max confirmed a few thoughts of what i'd liked to see crawled in to my editable and unwashed brain!

I'd really want to see:

- Flint paper! where the heck was he? i know they had to introduce new characters but we havent seen flint paper since the original game. So want to see him as a recurring character from the second season onwards!

- I heard that Purcell was once working on a sam and max comic about max being shot and replaced by a monkey. If prucell isnt planning on finishing it they could use it as a seperate story that links up with the rest. Just an idea.

That's all i can think of so far, what do you guys think?

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  • @Haggis said: More girls!

    More girls? But we already have Sybil and... and... Whizzer?


  • But Max doesn't even LIKE girls!

  • @fhqwhgads said: But Max doesn't even LIKE girls!

    Just bunnies... there is a magazin full of them.

  • Yeah I second Flint Paper.. if they could get steve to write a monkey episode..and get Mike Stemmle to write another episode that would be pretty kool. rubber pants commandos and mack salmon showing up would be great also.

  • I actually really would like to see some kind of map or more maplike-interfaces--the calendar in Episode 4 or the cooking ingredients in Episode 2 for example. Instead of Max asking you who you're going to call, there's a map or rolodex with images for White House, Sybil, etc. Of course a map when driving the car would be pretty cool, except it might look like overkill when there are very few locations that you can visit.

    (I think I might just not like Max asking "Where are we going, Sam?" or "Who are you calling, Sam?" Imagine Max asking what day we should change the date to, or what ingredient should we put in next...)

  • ICBM's! Oh wait, they just did that. How about Sam & Max in space?

  • Here's a strange idea: a pair of very different episodes that take place simultaneously. In one, you play as Sam, and in the other, you play as Max. They could have the two splitting up are working seperately, but whatever the case, the two games should feature very different points of view. Perhaps such a concept could be crammed all into a single episode.

  • I thought they just said they were considering Season 2? :/

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