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BTTF Ep1: "Telltale Games has encountered a problem and needs to close"

posted by Doctor MK on - Viewed by 95 users

I have recently downloaded and installed Back to the Future: Episode 1 (the free PC version) but whenever I click on the desktop icon to load up the game, nothing happens except a message popping up saying "Telltale Games has encountered a problem and needs to close". And this happens every single time. I can't get into the game itself at all.

Any and all help with this issue will be much appreciated. I was really looking forward to playing the game so understandably this is a bit annoying for me.



EDIT: Right, FINALLY managed to get through to the start-up menu but now whenever I click Play, nothing happens! Someone really doesn't want me to play this game do they...?

Please, help!

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