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How bad is Leisure Suit Larry MCL and Bob?

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You guys seem pretty annoyed with the two games that Al lowe had no part of, whats so bad about them?

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  • I've nether played either game but it's worth noting that in spite of almost universal hatred among the critics, the absolutely hilarious Robert Florence from the essential and marvelous Consolevania reviewed Magna Cum Laude and had this to say:

    View the video review here. Please note that this review is rated Mature and is not appropriate for children or ignorant Americans who insist on subtitles for anything hailing from Scotland.

    As for Box Office Bust, I've never come across a positive review for that particular turkey, so if you want to know what's wrong with it then I'd suggest a very quick trip to Google.

  • Magna Cum Laude wasn't good. It was a collection of adult mini games based around a high school campus. The humor was flat and bland and it just focused on nudity.
    The thing that it did good was that it didn't forget about Larry's history. The original Leisure Suit Larry is in it, and talks about old times. It's just a cameo though, but he ís voiced by Jan Rabson.
    The design for Larry Loveage looks pretty funny and Larry-like too.

    Box Office Bust I didn't play. But from what I've seen of it, it's made by people who've never played a Larry game before. It's about Larry Lovage (spelled differently!) (who looks and sounds totally different than in Magna Cum Laude) who goes to his rich movie studio owning uncle(?!?) Larry Laffer, who looks, sounds and acts totally different than the real Larry Laffer.
    It focuses on mini games around a movie studio. The babes in it look terrible and there's absolutely no edge to the humor. Larry doesn't try to score and just runs around parodying movies.
    The money for this production wasprobably spent on semi-celebrity voice actors.

    All and all, I'd forget about these two atrocious games and focus on the parts 1 to 7, even part 4 is pretty good!

  • Regarding Magma Cum Laude

    The main reason, in my case, is that I expected/wanted an adventure game. It did seem like it would be an adventure game almost all the way up until release day. Unfortunately, what the developers considered solving puzzles was in reality just mini-games.


    It's not the worst game ever, actually. It's a bit funny (but not Al Lowe funny, since it did miss the mark a bit), the game plays reasonably well, and a bit of fanservice (like going down to Lefty's, and seeing Larry Laffer).

    It's not something that you should cry yourself to sleep over if you haven't played it, but if it happens to fall into your hands by pure chance, I'd give it a go just for the laughs. It's by no mean a good replacement for the real Larry series, nor does it do the series justice, and it does tarnish the name of the series for those who never experience Larry in its true form. But I had some fun with it when it came out.

    Box Office Bust, however, is to be avoided like the plague. It's a lot worse than MCL, and nothing about it says Larry to me. I can't believe how ugly the game looks, and this is from Team 17? A game so bad it even tarnishes the name of the system it's on.

  • What would people say is the best installment in the LSL series?

  • I've only played Magna Cum Laude of the two, and I have to say that I thought the dialogue in that game was really funny. But the rest was real crap.

    But the parts of the game where you had to lead a conversation with the girls by leading a sperm through obstacles where funny (silly: yes, immature: yes). The game had a lot of scenes with great, silly, funny well-written dialogue. Like this one

    But these do not save the game from mediocrity with the enormous amount of bad, repetitive mini-games the game had.

    Magna Cum Laude is not entirely a bad game. Not as good as the older LSL-games, but still not bad. You can see that the developers tried at least to entertain you. If you find it cheap you should give it a try, just for the great dialogue.

  • Yeah, if they replaced the crappy minigames in MCL with puzzles it would have been a decent game. Not great, but decent. I've only played an hour or so. Got bored after that and never played it since. Maybe I should dig it from the darkest corners of my game collection and try playing it again.

  • @Davies said: What would people say is the best installment in the LSL series?

    One of the first three for me, but since I haven't finished number one, it's a tie between two or three.

  • If you want a continuing story, go with 1, 2 and 3. If you want standalone games, 5, 6 and 7 are all pretty much untied. Of those, I would go with 7, mainly because 6 is buggy and harder to get working compared to 7, and 5 is probably the weakest of the series and with a fairly non-typical Larry story.

    Out of all games, I think 3 is the absolute best one generally because of the incredible music and atmosphere when exploring.

  • I remember enjoying the original Leisure Suit Larry series, but hell these two games are not and should not even be considered canon. I heard about a new Leisure Suit Larry game, but as I saw the cover. I knew something was up. I only played MCL because it was the only game that my brother had on his PC(and yeah, it was the uncensored one). Hoo boy, talk about one big fat mix up here.

    Despite that there are a few references to the original Larry games, this really draws off from the original series. This game focuses more on Larry's nephew(Which I'm questioning on how Larry's family works for him to have a nephew, he must have a brother). And on a collage campus. The uncensored cut of this game has so much sex stuff in it, its on the point of it being a porno to trying to be a copycat of Ralph Bakshi's Fritz the cat. My god. I know there are points were sex isn't needed for most video games, but this one REALLY drew a line. Some of it was wrong. Whoever worked on this game really wanted to make the original LSL fan angry as heck with this. Also, Larry lovage is a complete uninteresting character. And whoever did the designs on the girls in this should use it for something better compared to this garbage. Also mini-games, I dislike mini games. I can approve of a few, but this has so much to no man's land. I feel sorry for Al lowe for wasting his money on this crap.

    Also Box Office Bust is something I wished was never made. The original Larry Laffer isn't himself in this. The protagonist isn't trying to get laid in it, sidequests, and also PATRICK freaking Warburton. Why is he even in this game? Does he have anything else to do? Also most of the writing in this is garbage. Like one chick in this says "Can you not look at my chest? It makes me feel uncomfortable". Seriously? How dumb are the people who wrote this trying to prove, that gamers do not care about story for video games but just rely on graphics? The designs on the women in this game look like they are not even trying hard enough. Also the graphics in this are complete crap, its like they tried to rush this without putting any effort in it. This entire game is like Dreamworks trying to make an adult cartoon but they cannot pull it off correctly. Also most of the pop culture stuff is unneeded. If there's ever a new LSL game. Get Telltale, Al lowe, and make it for the Wii.

  • MCL is ok its heart breaking they resorted to repetitive minigames instead of adventure game puzzles but the story itself is funny and there are some decent genuine laughs.. when you run into the original Larry it makes you wish you could just stay and hang out with him... I still play my copy every so often and I do consider it part of the series but box office bust was so bad and uninteresting the makers of it should be forced to play it everyday for the rest of their lives.

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