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How do i unlock my game via online mode?

posted by Outtatime28 on - last edited - Viewed by 297 users

there is no button to switch to online mode. how do i switch to online mode so i can unlock the game with my user name and password?

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  • Not sure I follow. The first time I started up the game (we're talking PC/Mac, right?) the login popped up automatically. I don't think there exists, nor is there any need for, an "online mode." But I'm going to need a bit more information to really be able to help ya :p

  • There is no online mode for me either, it just popped up the login box for my username/email and password without prompting to go online.

    I hope that when they release all five, they give us an all-in-one inclusive installer to download, which doesn't require you to login, but is only avail. via the My Games page.

  • Yes, you are making the mistake of thinking Telltale use online/offline modes like Steam which just isn't the case. They only ever use the internet to first unlock the game with your login, and then you can ditch the internet if you like and play just fine.

  • I see that this thread is a bit old, but I'm having the same problem. I downloaded the game and when I open it up, it says "you are currently in offline mode. Go online to take full advantage of..." And then it gives a code to email to tech support to request an unlock key from telltale. Just for the record I'm using a Mac with OSX 10.6.6

  • Could you take a screenshot and post it up here so I can see what the message looks like?

  • Here's the message. It looks like the little icon in the top right might be something but I can't click it.


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