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Twin Peaks (Or, another license idea)

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Hi everyone, new to the forums. I absolutely love what Telltale has done with Sam and Max, and having recently finished up to episode 4, I am eagerly anticipating the next entry!

Anyhow, while taking the winter 2007 survey, the following hit me from the blue: Telltale working with David Lynch to create the final, "lost" season of Twin Peaks as an episodic adventure game. I know it might sound weird, but hear me out for a second.

As fans of the series know, Twin Peaks was a wildly popular television series from the early 1990s co-created by David Lynch (Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Mullholland Drive). The show was a noir-esque murder mystery that followed the investigation of F.B.I. Agent Dale Cooper into the murder of Laura Palmer., a resident of the Washington town of Twin Peaks.

Aside from being a normal murder mystery television program and having a broad and eccentric cast of characters, the series also featured a very prominent supernatural aspect to its storytelling, something that wasn't very widespread for television dramas if its age. For anyone who is familliar with Lynch's body of work, it comes as no surprise that this emphasis on something even deeper beneath the surface of an already strange murder added a very unique and disturbing aspect to the show.

For the show's second season, the supernatural was almost removed entirely in favor of a more soap-opera-esque show. This eventually did the series in. By the time the underlying themes of the story had returned to the series for the final few episodes of the second season, ratings were down, and ABC had cancelled the show. The last episode featured one of the most notorious cliffhangers in television history.

Since then, Lynch has released Fire Walk With Me a Twin Peaks movie that, arguably, made absolutely no sense, and most certainly did not clear up any mysteries remaining from the end of the show. In fact, I'm pretty sure the movie only created more.

Lynch has recently stated that he does have some interest in finishing up the Twin Peaks story when the time was right, and probably not in the same format as a television show or a movie. What better way to do this than in a game?

I personally think that the Twin Peaks licence would be a perfect match for Telltale games. The episodic nature of the show would lend itself snugly to an episodic game, each episode being one complete "show" of the Twin Peaks series. The noir style supernatural murder mystery would make a great adventure game, players controlling different characters in the story to piece together the puzzle that is the Black Lodge and the entities that reside there. The series does have a devoted fan base, and the story genuinely deserves a digital recreation and conclusion -- this show was a phenomenon at the height of its popularity and still has an entire subculture devoted to it, many people who desperately crave some sort of resolution to the story.

So yeah. Any Peaks fans agree? Am I off my rocker? Let's generate feedback! :-P

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