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Cart/Games/Settings Sliding Menu

posted by xbskid on - Viewed by 145 users

I like the sliding menu containing the My Cart, My Games, and Settings options, but it only seems to work one way: left to right.

If I have the Settings option expanded and I want to view the My Games option, my natural reaction and expectations (As I believe anyone's would be) would be to simply move to the left to hover over My Games and it would stay where it is and expand to the right. Unfortunately, this is not the case; when Settings is expanded and you move the cursor left, the moment the cursor leaves the Settings option, it collapses to the right, leaving the cursor over the My Cart option, which then automatically expands.

I'd like to see to see this nice little menu updated to avoid that. I would think it could be done by adding the ability to expand options to the right and triggering the collapse when the user mouses out of the area occupied by all three menus rather than have it applied on each menu.

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