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Why no official statements about languages?

posted by Bloody Eugene on - last edited - Viewed by 232 users

Why still no official word about translations?
I've asked this eveywhere, at least 6 times, to Telltale. No official answer. Why?

Playing the devil's advocate:
Is Telltale trying to fraud people? Maybe someone thinks that it'll be multilanguage as Back To The Future and Wallace&Gromit and will buy it just to discover it will be only english.
Or -if it will be multilanguage- is Telltale trying to wait until preorder is finished to tell us? So foreign people will be discouraged to buy during the offer, and when people will discovers it's also multilanguage they'll earn more money 'cause the offer is closed.

I've pending request from my friends to buy this game, but they don't know english. Should I buy the game for them or not?

I don't like this no-transparency policy that Telltale likes so much (or the "no-comment" policy that leaves us pending -forever maybe- in a limbo).
We, as Italians - but for spanish is the same - are totally ignored by Telltale, with the last game published in Italian being Sam&Max Season 2 (...a game from 2007!).

Hope things will change before the release of JP.
I refuse to think that they don't know the languages included in a game that will be released next month.

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