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Surfin the Highway Reprint news!

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Hey check this out from Lois Buhalis..who has done the lettering for all our favorite Sam & Max comics.. From the lois buhalis live journal blog!

[quote] Sunday was more of the same. I had wanted to see the Sam and Max panel, which was about the internet game mostly, so I could see Steve Purcell, who I think I haven't seen in about 10 years or so. It was a really interesting panel, and good to check in with Steve. There are still some unfinished Sam & Max pages and I might get to letter them! They'd probably go into the soon-to-be-released reprint collection. [/quote]

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  • ah awesome... i heard there was meant to be an interview or something anwering the reprint that was soon to be put on the telltale site. So hope this is still not some far away release that will take more years for it t be released. I kinda hope he releases the reprint first then finishes his webcomic and releases that later not the other way around. But from the sounds of the talk i heard it could go this way.

    If we get a reprint with some extra material as promised (he he) and the webcomic released as a book i'm so gonna die from ultra happiness. We've had so much in the way of great sam and max material over this year and having this would be the icing on the cake.

  • Cool! I would love a reprint of surfin the highway! Very interesting news

  • *Starts to shake uncontrollably*


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    This is... I need this. Yes, I need this badly.

  • Well... That certainly got my attention.

  • Is this a reprint of one of the comic books? How many Sam & Max comic books have their been anyway?

  • There have really only been 3 full length issues, and a few shorts...

    The first full issue contained the "Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple" story, along with a short introducing Mack Salmon and Commander Blip and the Rubber Pants Commandos. I think this issue also included Fizzball, and "Getting Along in the Joint," a one-page Sam & Max special about how to make a realistic looking machine gun out of some soap and shoe polish.

    The second one, if I remember correctly, mostly contains "On The Road," a two part story about Sam and Max taking a random road trip across America. This comic was vaguely the inspiration for Sam & Max Hit the Road, though it has only a few direct similarities (there's a circus with a Cone of Tragedy, and there's a near stop in Stuckey's, but in On The Road, they spend most of their time being waylayed by corporate businessmen turned pirates, fixing their car, visiting a mall, and dealing with hideous demons who leap through the windshield and strangle Max in his sleep... no Bigfoots, Largest Balls of Twine, Mystery Vortexes, etc).

    The third comic's main attraction is Bad Day On The Moon, where Sam and Max go to the moon, finding it populated with a city full of human sized talking rats. They stop a hold-up in a convenience store, and then somehow end up on the dark side of the moon, which is apparently a city full of 2 story high cockroaches which live in old egg packages and cereal boxes the size of buildings. There are a few other short comics in this issue as well... I think for instance this issue contains "Fair Wind to Java," a short comic in which Sam and Max end up in ancient Egypt, and pants an alien to humiliate him, ending his pyramid-building tyrannical reign on the ancient Egyptians.

    Sam and Max also appeared in one-page comics printed in the quarterly (or sometimes bi-annually) LucasArts "Adventurer" magazine throughout the early-mid '90s, where in each story the duo would find themselves in the universe of LucasArts' latest release (or some Steve Purcell-esque approximation thereof). For instance, when Full Throttle came out, there was a story starring the two of them as bikers riding through the desert. They went into the Star Wars universe a couple times as well (which includes one of my favorite Sam quips, mentioning that it was good that the Rebel PX had cloaks in husky boys sizes).

    Other than that there have been a few random one- to five-page short stories that have appeared in various comic anthologies and digests, and places like Fox Kids magazine.

    All of the stories and shorts up until 1995 were in a compilation called "Sam & Max: Surfin the Highway," which is the book this thread is about. Surfin the Highway is extremely rare at this point, and has sold on ebay for hundreds of dollars. A reprint (especially one that included the various shorts and mini-stories that Sam & Max have appeared in in the 12 years between 1995 and now) would make many fans (including me) very happy!

    Hey, I just wrote a lot!

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    @Jake said: Hey, I just wrote a lot!

    It's a Jake post (complete with edits). :D

    I'd love a reprint too. I wonder what a reprint would do to the value of the original Surfin' the Highway books?

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