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CSI 3 Copy Protection Problem!! Help!

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Okay I bought the Retail CD from the Store today for CSI 3 Dimentions of Murder. Install goes fine, just when I click the Icon to run it, nothing happens. Hour glass then poof. Nothing. Same problem if i install the game on my laptop.

Now some might say i need DX info and blah blah. The problem is a friend sent me a no-cd thing for it. Works fine on both Desktop and Laptop. Starts up right away and all.
Is there ANYWAY to get the game running without such a thing?? I cant use the patch with this.

As a side note I find this horribly annoying as a paying customer I cant get the game working without this no-cd stuff. The only person hurt here is me the person who legitmately bought the game, while the hackers are playing without incident.

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