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Pre-Order on Steam vs. Telltale Store: Definitive email or time for release?

posted by econojo on - last edited - Viewed by 186 users

My question is if we will be updated via e-mail the immediate time when the game is released? So far, I have gotten e-mails sometimes days after from Telltale. The BTTF release was painful constantly refreshing the site.

Without this, it makes me want to pre-order from Steam. I'd rather not because it doesn't fully financially support Telltale. Though I NEED to play as soon as possible to feed my crack addiction. Also, as of now, there won't be any added content for Steam connectivity and there might not be a pre-order available.

So if anybody has an update on this that would be great! It is my biggest decision on whether to buy through telltale or not.

Also, if anyone knows another way to be notified immediately, that would also be awesome.

Thanks in advance! :)

Edit: Too late! I'm too impatient and the financial support for Telltale ultimately outweighed my choice so I have already bought it through the Telltale store. But if I could still get an answer about the release time updates that would still be great.

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