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PAX Preview and Interview with Nick Herman

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dynpicwatermarkimageviei.jpg just posted their Jurassic Park Preview and Interview with Cinematic Artist, Nick Herman, recorded at PAX East these past few days.

Really cool of him to take the time to talk to the site so a mega thanks to Nick <3

Read the Preview and watch the Interview here:

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  • Hmm... Interesting interview. However, I have a few concerns based on the statements revealed.

    First off, the new nocturnal dinosaur that was officially revealed: Troodon. Personally, I am "strongly" opposed to this decision and I believe it falls outside of the acceptable parameters of the known facts of the JP universe. I've mentioned this before in previous posts, but to those of us who know the JP universe "very" well, it is a well known bit of info that there is suppose to be exactly and only "15 species of dinosaur on Isla Nublar". In the JP film universe, these fifteen species are:

    1. Tyrannosaurus Rex (*)
    2. Baryonyx
    3. Velociraptor (*)
    4. Herrerasaurus
    5. Metriacanthosaurus
    6. Proceratosaurus
    7. Dilophosaurus (*)
    8. Segisaurus
    9. Compsognathus (**)
    10. Brachiosaurus (*)
    11. Parasaurolophus (*)
    12. Triceratops (*)
    13. Stegosaurus (**)
    14. Gallimimus (*)
    15. Pteranodon (**)

    All of these species are verified and accredited by numerous sources of JP merchandise and brief moments in the original film. The dinosaurs marked with (*) means these dinosaurs were clearly visible and seen in the first JP movie; the (**) means these dinosaurs were clearly visible and seen in the other two JP movies. While the others are confirmed by the brochure map in the movie, and other random accredited sources.

    When I first heard about the introduction of a new dinosaur, I was fine with that when I heard it and was excited because I was thinking it would be one of the dinosaurs we know about to be on Isla Nublar but haven't ever seen yet in the JP films. Thus leaving us with "five" dinosaurs:

    - Baryonyx
    - Herrerasaurus
    - Metriacanthosaurus
    - Proceratosaurus
    - Segisaurus

    Now, if Telltale wants to use one of these "five" dinosaurs as the new dinosaur, great and perfect. Otherwise, there is a serious mistake being made here in my opinion that the host of past JP video game developers and children's books have also committed that I don't want to see repeated. That mistake being, that developers think they can randomly pick any old dinosaur they feel like throwing into the JP universe and its all good. I could accept random new dinosaurs on "Isla Sorna" aka Site B, but "not" Isla Nublar. As the mythology goes, Site B was the "research" island where development and production occurred. Isla Nublar was the "resort" island 87 miles northeast from Site B. It stands to reason that the resort island was being planned very carefully and methodically; including an "opening" line of a fixed number of dinosaur species when the park was planned to open; i.e. 15 species. It stands to reason therefore that the bulk of the population of dinosaurs that InGen produced natively resided on Site B. The time and cost to transport dinosaurs from Site B to Nublar I'm sure was very time consuming and costly. It would not be cost-effective to bother with any degree of serious R&D on Nublar because that was not what was intended for Nublar. Therefore, it stands to reason that the "only" species of dinosaurs that existed on Nublar are those species InGen "planned" and "intended" to be on Nublar according to their intended schedule.

    With this whole "Troodon" business, I think some careless strings are being pulled that are so cliche in storytelling that suggests complete disregard for any parameters of a fictional universe. For example, countlessly bringing back to life characters that common sense would otherwise suggest, their dead. On that note, Robert Muldoon the park game warden, as far as I am concerned, was killed by a Velociraptor, end of story. In more relevant context to the "Troodon" concern at hand, as I said previously, you can't just throw in any dinosaur into JP you feel like throwing in. Not without breaching common sense and going off on these "wild" tangents that again, completely disregards parameters. So for the "Troodon" for example, TT can make up some "wild" explanation I'm sure like, InGen was performing secret R&D on Nublar "or" Troodons managed to sneak onto the transport ships traveling between Nublar and Sorna. If TT wants to pull of these wild sorts of breaches in consistent storytelling, "whatever" I suppose. It does not strike me, however, as professional, methodical, or considerate to the careful parameters of JP franchise.

    I would personally suggest scrapping the Troodon dinosaur altogether and replacing it with one of the "five" dinosaurs mentioned previously. In the interest of time and deadlines, I would suggest replacing the Troodon model with either a "Herrerasaurus" or a "Proceratosaurus" dinosaur model. These specific "two" dinosaurs because they are closest in size and dimension to the size of Troodon. Just change the dinosaur model and maintain all the same intended motion captured animations and whatnot. You could still even maintain the whole "nocturnal" attribute.

    Which brings me to my last and final point that I observed in this interview. That is, the brief discussion that went into the "scientific accuracy" and credibility of the dinosaurs and what they learned. However, as many should hopefully agree, the dinosaurs of the JP universe are not and never were intended to be "scientifically" accurate. These are "genetically" engineered dinosaurs. There are a number of interesting and cool attributes about each dinosaur in the JP universe that is not backed by any scientific evidence whatsoever. For example, the Dilophosaurus having a collapsable crest and spitting venom, or Velociraptors being slightly larger than an adult human, or Compsognathus being the dung beetles of the dinosaur world, etc. Virtually all the dinosaurs of JP are like this and all these attributes are forms of creative inspiration that is drawn from the real animal world of today. I think that's part of what makes JP really special and great. I personally think that in the universe of JP, scientific credibility should just be tossed out. You want a "nocturnal" type dinosaur with glowing, reflective eyes or whatever, just pick a dinosaur, consider it nocturnal, and done.

    I know this might all seem terribly nit-picky, but when it comes to introducing a so-called "new" dinosaur into the JP universe, I personally think that ranks as one of the "biggest" details of JP to not disregard. There may be other little details like vehicle numbers and badges and things that are pretty small details, but this is a "big" one you can't overlook in my opinion.

    Again, I am grateful that TT actively participates in these forums and listens to the feedback of the fans. Your doing a great job TT, really.

  • All I'm going to say about this is...what about spinosaurus? I'm pretty sure grant never saw that on Ingens list, so there were probably others like the troodon, just my speculation.

  • I thought there were only 3 types of dinosaurs?

    Funny ones, Scary ones and Big ones? ^_^

  • @Icedhope said: All I'm going to say about this is...what about spinosaurus? I'm pretty sure grant never saw that on Ingens list, so there were probably others like the troodon, just my speculation.

    Correct, on "Isla Sorna". But "Isla Nublar" is a completely different story as I explained.

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    NickTTG Telltale Staff

    My only concern with that interview is how many times I said "UMMMM".

  • Ummmm is a lot better than starting every sentence with 'Sooooo'.

    Really great of you to take the time Nick and everyone at thanks you for it <3

  • @jmine83 said: Correct, on "Isla Sorna". But "Isla Nublar" is a completely different story as I explained.

    Actually it's not...

    who's to say ingen, didn't breed troodon's on sorna, and brought them into nublar, thinking these would work as attractions?

    Then not these are just as Dangerous as velociraptors and didn't have time or some escaped capture and breed on Nublar?

  • I was kind of hoping not to know what the secret dinosaur was untill I played the game...

    Either way, I'm fine with Troodon. LIke you said, it's not on the list and there are other dinosaurs that could have been chosen but I'm sure it'll be fine. Troodon is a cool looking dinosaur and he said they change the image a bit to make it a bit more interesting looking which means they're not keeping it too scientifically accurate.

  • @NickTTG said: My only concern with that interview is how many times I said "UMMMM".

    Jeff Goldblum does it all the time. lol

  • From my understanding, Isla Nublar was to showcase the dinosaurs. They were never actually made on that island, although they wanted it to appear that way. All of the dinosaurs were created on Isla Sorna and then brought to Isla Nublar. That is never really clear or specified in the movies but is described in the books. From this perspective I think that troodon is a possible species that can be seen on the Nublar as an incorporated species from Sorna. it's true that it's not on that list of 15 species but Sorna could have had a lot more species that never appeared on the Nublar list, such as ceratosaurus and spinosaurus. That is just my opinion but I think that telltale could use any dinosaur species even if it is not listed on Isla Nublar.

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