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City of Secrets

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GDANSK, POLAND – March 25, 2011 – aideMMedia, a European game and entertainment
icon with more than 1 million games sold, has launched its next flagship game, “City of Secrets”,
a classical, point-and-click mystery adventure game developed for the iPad, Mac, iPhone and
iPod Touch. The game boasts brilliant HD graphics optimized for modern touch interfaces and
was developed with the iPad, Mac and iPhone high-resolution retina display in mind. The game
is available through the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store.
In City of Secrets, a world of revolution, mystery and adventure awaits players as they follow
Rex, the Brave Dog, as he accidentally falls into an underground city of moles where he is
captured and imprisoned for espionage. Players will be challenged as they must pull together
the clues and solve puzzles to help Mr. Moles free Rex from jail and uncover the sinister plot.
City of Secrets was designed to be challenging for adults and includes a hint feature that allows
younger players to also enjoy the game. In addition to its own titles, Aidem Media is also the
development muscle behind many other successful games, including games with characters
licensed from Disney and Warner Brothers.
“City of Secrets is a full featured tap/point adventure game, and like ‘Angry Birds,’ appeals to
gamers of all ages,” said Karolina Szablewska-Olejarz, president of aideMMedia. “The
characters will make you laugh while the gameplay will stretch your brain. We believe we have
created the perfect adventure game and early reviews indicate that fans agree.”
City of Secrets for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch are available now on the Apple iTunes App
Store and the Macintosh version is available on the Apple Mac App Store, including a ‘Lite’
version for each. The full game trailer video, game play videos, screen shots and additional
information can be found at
This game has as similar atmosphere as TellTale games. I played it on my PC (Polish version), and i'm delighted. I really recomend this game for you.
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