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The number one problem with America...

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In my opinion, the biggest problem with the United States is that people no longer trust our government. The federal government has lost all of it's credibility, lies to the people, doesn't represent the people, and is far too powerful. Back in the 1700s and 1800s people trusted the government and the government didn't have all of these conspiracies they were performing against the American people. Our elected officials actually cared and were real people like you and me, not people like Obama or Bush or any of these clowns in Congress.

And to be honest, the people are partially responsible for this. Yes, it is important for the federal government to have some power, as to preserve the union, but we're hardly a union anymore, now we're just a single nation-state just like Russia or France. We're not a union or a confederation. People rely on the federal government for everything, instead of relying on their state governments.

The Constitution is a joke now, it's a wonderful document, but our own government only abides by it when it is convenient for them to do so. They have the CIA out there killing our own people simply because they "know too much," we have wiretapping and the Patriot Act. We have them keeping secrets from us and committing acts that are detrimental to the lives of Americans. We have horrible liberals who want to ban guns. We have abusive police forces and corrupt public officials who don't listen to the people. We need an honest government again, one that fully understands and respects the Constitution and that is by the people and for the people.

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  • I trust my government. I trust that my government is running my country to hell.

  • That's adorable, that you think our government was EVER honest.

  • George Washington embezzled government funds. True story.

    Also, after reading the title, I was really hoping for a "Americans are all fat and lazy" to watch the anger unfold.

  • You can not ultimately define America is a singular thing, or a concept alone. So how can you say what the number one problem is in something with a infinite sea of variables, and different ways of viewing it? America isn't "America", it's a geographical region on a map.

    Their are 10s of 1000s of businesses and leaders on varying levels in this country, things change, time changes, people change, the world changes. There is no America, only people living off a land and what was left behind. There is no "America".

    "America" is a philosophy of land, a concept. My name is Brian, I live on a piece of land, and America, America(n) has little to do with who I am . It's all about who is currently in office, the current state of the world/ has nothing to do with "America".

  • If their is any sort of flame war going on at any time in this thread it will be closed.

  • @Icedhope said: If their is any sort of flame war going on at any time in this thread it will be closed.

    I don't foresee any well-reasoned discussion. The premise is too general.

  • I think the number one problem with America is the Whopper. It's so damn tasty.

  • I appreciate what you're saying, but never in the history of America have the American people trusted their government. At all points the states have contended with the federal government, which was partially how the states intended it to be. Off the top of my head, I can mention Shay's Rebelion of 1786, the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794, Gabriel's Rebeliion of 1800, Nat Turner's Rebellion of 1831, the widely known (obviously) Civil War which saw half the United States split apart.

    At every corner the states have distrusted federal authority to properly supervise it. Andrew Jackson, as president, famously refused to obey the Supreme Court. Citizens of the early 20th century accused the government of manipulating circumstances to get the U.S. to enter both World War I and World War II. Citizens were famously cracked down upon during the witch hunts of the Communist trial.

    In the 1700s Quakers resisted the government of Pennsylvania at every turn and tried to upend the government to their own desires. The United States' slaughter of indigenous people in the occupation of the Philippines drew attention to soldier's behavior in war in the exact same way that the Vietnam War would do a century later.

    All that said, there has never been a rosy time in America.

  • This is a strange position. If everyone in the US suddenly trusted government, that wouldn't make things a lot better. Not at all. Since taking it away would still leave a mess, how can the lack of trust be the most important problem?
    If a government is unworthy of the people's trust, trusting it anyway will just encourage more trouble. Frankly I feel one should always be skeptical about governments (as well as other entities with great power).

  • In my opinion, America's worst problem is its educational system.

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