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Sam and Max/Bone *Translations*

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Ok, I searched, no luck.

So, is there any way to do a FAN translation (only subtitles) of these games ?

I know that the the subtitles/dialog transcripts are on the 'data.ttarch' file. Is there any way to extract the text files, edit and import it again ? Just like the old Sam and Max game (Hit the road/Scumm version) ?

Thanks :)

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  • Thanks for the offer, but we'd appreciate it if people didn't do fan translations -- there are legal implications, since we have recently entered into partnerships with international publishers for both of these games.

  • So there will be official translations ?
    Bone 1 and 2 ? Sam Max Season 1 ?

    Like Portuguese/Brazilian translations ?

    These adventure games, BR translations are always left behind... Italian OK, Spanish OK, German OK... but Brazilian ? no luck :(

    Right now, we (the group i'm part of) are finishing the Monkey Island 1 translation... already done one for Sam & Max: Hit the road (one sucess in downloadings)

    More info about the group:

    It will be nice to have a Bone/New Sam & Max translations.


  • We just signed a retail deal with JoWood for Sam & Max that will include localizations. I don't know all the details of which languages and how they will be presented (subtitles vs. voice over).

    Also, Xider is publishing localized versions of Bone in Europe. (Again, I'm not positive which languages.)

  • Er--- here's a weird thing.

    I found some (I don't know if legal)way to extract a TTARCH file from "Bone: Out of Boneville" in order to make an unnoficial-but-faithful-and-just-for-me translation (I had a boring day) and what's my surprise when I found a spanish.langdb file that contains all the texts of the game in spanish! :eek:
    So... Ok, I bought the game... and inside of it there's a spanish translation... But I can't install it in spanish!

    There's some way to turn the texts to spanish?

  • I suppose you're not going to answer... I've searched in the forums and read something about you were making the subtitles but it stopped after you contacted with an european publisher... well, it was a message from 2006 and the spanish page of Xider hasn't been actualised in a while, with an endless "coming soon in July 2007". Could you at least contact with them and tell me if they're going to realease the game in spanish? Cause I think they aren't...

    PD: Sorry if I sound a little rude, it's my english. Greetings from Málaga!

  • Huh. I didn't know those existed. Well there is no guarantee this will work so definitely back everything up before you try this*:
    Delete english.langdb
    Rename spanish.langdb to english.langdb
    Play the game?
    Beyond that, there really isn't any way to install different languages on Bone. it just wasn't designed for it.

    *also, I take no responsibility if this horribly destroys your computer.

  • Thanks! I've already tried that, but I think the problem comes when I repack everything in the ttarch file or something, because the game crashed when I tried to execute it, so I had to undo all... But thanks for the advice! It's really strange that languages thing, there's even a russian translation.:D

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