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BTTF vista crash

posted by Speight of Hand on - last edited - Viewed by 106 users

hi, im sure this problem has been posted a thousand times before and probably answered as well, so i'll jsut say what the problem is and if anyone can give me a solution or just refer me to another page with the same on it it'd be much appreciated :)

okedoke then, so i got the back to the future game after much drumming of fingers in anticipation, only to sadly realise that when i try and play the game it crashes some five to ten minutes into play, and i have to restart the whole computer. now it does work if i put the video quality and resolution waaaaaaaaaaaay down, but thats annoying as heck cos i cant see the faces and i can barely read the stuff onscreen.
now it may be i need to to update the graphics card i dunno, im gonna to try that sometime, but if anyone could spare any words of wisdom i'd be much obliged to ya

oh im using a vista laptop if that helps any :P

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