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The Cover Art Thread

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Do you have any game DVD box art you have seen/are working on that you would like to share? Post it here.

As for myself, I've recently been working on putting together a Curse of Monkey Island DVD box. It's still a work in progress, but I've combined box art from a few different sources (ie. art by Laserschwert, MusicallyInspired and Dravenova) with some alterations to get close to what I'm wanting. I'm still not set on how the spine looks though.


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  • I love this sort of thing.... I made a few a while back but I have no clue where the files are.

  • I made one for Day of the Tentacle in the style of the ones found on this website. I also did one for Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion (not finished yet). I'll have to find them and post them...

    I also did ones for the King's Quest Collection and Space Quest Collection which are viewable on

  • I have tons. I'm making new covers for all my PS1-3, Wii and XBox 360 games.

    Here's an example of the PS1-PS3 template (they're all the same, just with the PS logo on the top of the spine replaced depending on which system it is):


    Here's an example of my Wii template (yes, I know the spine's not quite centred, thank you):


    And here's an example of my XBox 360 template (and no, the text doesn't come out that clear ion the full-sized version):


    I source the images from either DeviantArt or the Internet and just whack them in a custom-made template. Basic, but it keeps me happy and my shelves nice and tidy.

  • Okay, the more I look at my CMI box art, the better I like it.

    here it is:

    and my source file:

    Also, here is a Secret of Monkey Island:SE DVD cover I put together:

    and a larger version:

  • Here's some of mine:


    And the Maniac Mansion cover that isn't quite finished yet (back cover needs cleaning up and titles are needed for the spine).


  • @Darth Marsden said: PS3PrinceofPersia.jpg

    Hate to be a stickler, but I'm pretty sure that art is from The Two Thrones, not Sands of Time. But it's an awesome cover nonetheless.

  • @BlankCanvasDJ said: Hate to be a stickler, but I'm pretty sure that art is from The Two Thrones, not Sands of Time. But it's an awesome cover nonetheless.

    The art's from Forgotten Sands (it's fairly obvious - WW costume and FS villains). You'll see it on pretty much every fan made cover for FS. I just used Sands of Time on the spine because that's the name of the series, in the same way that the Jak & Daxter series is 'The Precursor Legacy', the Sam & Max series is 'Freelance Police' and the Zelda series (when I get round to that particular cover) will be 'The Chronicles of Time'. It just looks good on the spine, is all.

    And for the record, the main reason I make these covers is uniformity! It bugs the hell out of me that, despite games having a template, the spines are all over the place. Sometimes the text is right next to the system logo, sometimes it's centred in the white space below it, sometimes it's in lower case, sometimes it's all in capitols, sometimes it's just a logo itself... Gah!

    That was the main thing I looked for when it came to custom covers, and when I couldn't find it, I just thought 'sod it' and made my own, which I'm very happy with.

    So if I give one piece of advice to other cover designers, it would be this: Make sure the spines are the same style. It makes your work really stand out on the shelf if all the spines have the same design, plus it satisfies people like me!

    MusicallyInspired's covers are brilliant, and as an added bonus they match up well when placed next to each other. And is it just me, or is the 'Monkey Island' text in exactly the same place? 'cause if so, he gets a cookie!

    Chyron - your cover is great, even if it does give me deja vu! As for your SoMI:SE cover, it might have been nice if you'd replaced one or two of the screenshots with some from the newer version of the game, but it's still good as is.

    EDIT: Ok, I need help! Which of these do you guys think is better:




  • Sonic Adventure didn't have Shadow, but the cover image of the first one doesn't look as swell as the second one. But again, the style of the image on the second one is more fitting for a promotional product for the Sonic X anime series rather than Sonic Adventure.

    Also I'm not fond of the titleless cover arts (must be a thing for simplicity but I believe it's one of those good clichés to have a crispy looking text art of the title card right on the front cover and perhaps explanations about the game on the end).

    ...Sonic Adventure is released on Wii? O_O

  • @Falanca said: ...Sonic Adventure is released on Wii? O_O

    Gamecube, but I sold mine when I got my Wii, so...

    Ok, I'll keep looking. I've printed the first one for the moment (and used up all my blue ink!), and it looks fairly nice, but you're right, it's far from perfect.

    EDIT: How about this one?


    ...or maybe this one?


    ...or how about this?


  • @Darth Marsden said:

    EDIT: How about this one?
    Sonic, Tails and Knuckles

    ...or maybe this one?
    Sonic in the air

    ...or how about this?
    Sonic... in space?

    The second one, definitely.

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