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Letters to Japan

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Hey Guys!

As most of you know, up until maybe 2 weeks ago I lived in Japan. Then the earthquake hit. My apartment building was evacuated, but now people are starting to return. I had a good deal of dry food like udon noodles, dried fruit, and canned tuna that I left behind in my pantry, so I offered it up to my former apartment-mates, as well as all the soap, shampoo, toothpaste, "feminine items", and laundry detergent that were left in my room.

I'm going to send them a box of packaged food on Monday, but I wanted to put in some fun stuff in as well. I'll also send some Girl Scout cookies, Jersey saltwater taffy, and a few sketches I've done since I returned to the US. Since many of you guys have been through the experience with me via my comments on the site, I was wondering if any of you wanted to add in a sketch or a short note. I'll print them out and add them to the box. It would really brighten up their day, I'm sure.

Don't worry if you can't write in Japanese, I'll include the original and translate it too.

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