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BTTF In Real Life

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Just thought I'd start a topic where people could list examples of them using/referring to Back to the Future in real life.

A couple from me.

I teach English in Shanghai. The learners are charming but some days can feel long though so we do whatever we can to 'mix things up a bit'.

1] So one week, I had to teach a few classes the sound 't' (pronounced 'tuh')
by using tap then ask what other words they could come up with.

So I went into Biff Tannen mode. As I went around to each kid, I tapped their heads softly and said "Hello??!!?!? Hello?!?!?!?! Anybody home?... Think McFly, think!"

They laughed but I don't think they caught the reference ;)

2] I voice Marty in mathman's Predictions series so am in Mcfly mode much of the time these days. Yesterday I was in the area kids come into and transition from 'real life' to our learning environment. They also return there to get collected by parents. So, one of my students is coloring and drawing. After practicising 'orange triangle' with her from the lesson, I thought I'd teach her a couple of English phrases not on the syllabus... "WHOA...THIS IS HEAVY" & "NOBODY CALLS ME CHICKEN". Dramatic pauses 'n' all.

She did very well, all things considered, particularly with the first one. The second one initially causes her to struggle with word order and a few times it was 'Nobody chicken'. But she can now produce those sentences. ;)

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