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New Michael Crichton thriller later this year?

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As you guys may know, Michael Crichton was working on a "techno-thriller in the vein of 'Jurassic Park'" at the time of the his death; his editor announced in Spring of 2009 she was looking for a writer to complete the novel, which was already a third finished, based on Crichton's notes. The book was originally slated for a Fall 2010 release, then pushed back to late 2012. However:

-The Official Michael Crichton website recently added "Coming Soon" to the forum for the "Untitled Techno-Thriller", and an announcement on the main page telling us to stand by for updates

-Here's the information for the book from Amazon:

# Hardcover: 464 pages
# Publisher: Harper (November 22, 2011)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0060873027
# ISBN-13: 978-0060873028
# Product Dimensions: 9 x 6.1 x 1.4 inches
# Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Could we finally be seeing this new, final novel from the mind of the late genius and Jurassic Park creator? I hope so...:cool:

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  • I hope so too. I remember reading about an unfinished novel that he was working on and that they were looking for a writer. I'll buy and read it when and if it comes out but I'll also keep in mind that it is someone else writing the novel and not Michael Crichton. I think with Pirate Latitude it was still mostly if not all of Michael Crichton writing it so it was still good and had the same feel as his other novels. With someone writing a novel based off of unfinished notes then I don't know. But still, I'll buy and read it just out of respect for the man.

  • My question is who could possibly fill Crichton's shoes? Lee Childs maybe? Or possible Steeve Alten or even Michael Cerasini? There aren't a lot of authors out there who can match Crichton's ability when it comes to storytelling and prose. And assuming the book becomes a best seller; if and when its even sold...wil the author in question continue to work as a ghost writer for Crichton?

  • I don't think anyone can, Crichton left his legacy, and we need to honor it not find a replacement.

  • Well, the novel is definitely coming out, so too bad. :p

    There are a lot of deceased authors who are still "producing work", BTW, (Ian Flemming, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft), or still-living authors whose name has become a brand ALA Tom Clancy, and a lot of this new stuff is pretty good; I'm not sure if Kathleen Kennedy's argument of "he's dead, so there will never be any more Crichton stuff" makes sense, really...?

    Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston are basically "Crichton-lite", so they're definitely candidates. Others would be Steve Alten, David Goleman, James Rollins or Scott Sigler.

    Panther, Crichton's agent stated that they're not planning to have someone else writing under his name, but inferred there may be partially-completed novels, or notes for novels, in Crichton's archives which could be fleshed-out and published in the future.

    I'm hoping he started a third novel in the JP universe which may be finished one day...well, I can dream. :cool:

  • Crichton had a really rare gift of making facts and really technical stuff accessible and entertaining without having to dumb it down... Its not really something that can be imitated.

  • Then don't buy the new book...:cool:

  • @Irishmile said: Its not really something that can be imitated.

    How do you know?

  • This won't be his first post-death book. Pirate Latitudes was like 80%-90% done on his computer when he died, and they did some quick final polish to it. It's also part of the reason, I think, that it wasn't as good as a lot of his other works. I seem to recall when it was released that there was a second one that was about 1/2 done by Crichton standards (probably this one) and a lot more that he had notes and plot outlines and notes for, but no actual writing done on.

    Still, going to check it out.

  • All of Crichton's techno thrillers were fantastic. I read them all and I loved them all (though I think State of Fear was a little boring) so I can't wait to see what his last book is about.

  • @Cozur said: How do you know?

    its my opinion you do not have to agree.

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