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Why do some forums take their selves so seriously

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I got banned from a forum like 10 years ago. I made a new account, forgetting if it were the same forum, even...and I was banned again for a second account. :p

I wasn't even being bothersome this time around.

Forums are just a place to socialize, make friends, pass the time. I don't see why some people see it like it's a work place or something, or like it's a art museum, or a fancy place to eat dinner...or a Vegas Casino or something...

I understand a bann is a bann, but it was like 10 years ago, the site code didn't even remember me. :p Was it that big of a deal? I enjoy talking to people on occasion about Final Fantasy or this/ that...I wasn't causing trouble.

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  • Tell me about it! Once, I posted one of my songs, as a mini-tribute, on a forum. People liked it and started replying to my thread with "Awesome" or "Thank you!".

    A mod intervened and wrote: "If you have nothing more to add than please stop spamming. Whoever writes another pointless reply will be banned for a month".

    o.O Dude, chillax! ...and I spent about an year on that forum, but I don't post there. I just read what others post. It is very unfriendly and the mods are really obsessed.

    For example, if you would've posted your thread on that forum, doodo, you would've instantly been banned for "spamming" and "not bringing anything new to the forum". :|

    Ultra stupid...

    That's why I like the TTG forums. It's incredibly relaxing to read and write here. Also fun!

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I think we're encouraging more long-term forum relations here. ;)

    Gaming forums in other companies have these ups and downs because their releases are so much apart; in here, there's some episode or other almost each month, so the customer/poster influx is rather steady.

    Being banned is a serious slap on one's fingers, and it really should only be done if there's no other possibility. But as quick as TTG's release schedule is, banning on an episode-to-episode basis puts banned posters back into the saddle pretty quickly. The community wants them back for the ride, so to speak.

    On the topic of "Thank you" threads: Hah! Gratification is exactly the reason why one makes videos (or draws or photographs, for that matter)! It is indeed very stupid to reprimand people for paying their respect.

  • @Comrade Pants said: Overinflated ego?

    *pops head in*

    Nope. Underdeflated id.

    *pulls head back out and disappears*


  • we're all secretly terrified of Jake.

  • I think they're pretty sound out here. I do find that part about 'thank you' being a spam ridiculous though. Unless forums came with a 'like' button like on tumblr or something, then the need for saying 'thank you' will become obsolete....

    but hopefully on in real life. XD

  • It's partly due to the post counter. In a lot of forums it's seen as almost a sign of how trustworthy you are. Theoretically, the higher the count, the longer you've been here and therefore the friendlier and wiser you are. Thus forums who want to keep that (flawed) system have to be anal about people posting unconstructive comments or having conversations off topic.

    It's incredibly annoying. A forum I used to visit rather a lot had a similair policy. They also had a "one game, one thread" policy, which sucked. If there was a large release, you'd have ten or so different discussions going on in one thread, often on the same page! Double posting was also seen as the equivalent of spitting on someones shirt, which didn't help matters. And god help you if you pyramid quoted. It was also a nintendo forum (the largest UK specific one), and for some reason you couldn't post friend codes. Doing so would result in a warning. I suppose they figured that you would get cyber-raped for doing so (despite the fact both parties must register eachother!)

  • I've had a couple of threads either locked or flat out deleted on this very forum! Mind you, they were fairly stupid posts. Still, freedom of speech? Censorship all the way baby!

  • Actually, now that I think of it; is it any surprise that doodo! got banned somewhere? It happened here, after all.

  • @Comrade Pants said: Actually, now that I think of it; is it any surprise that doodo! got banned somewhere? It happened here, after all.

    I guess that freethinkers and those who are understated will always have to fight the oppression of those with power.

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