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Telltale and Gamepads

posted by Javi-Wan Kenobi on - last edited - Viewed by 104 users

I've just purchased a Xbox 360 controller for my PC to fully enjoy the Jurassic Park game.
Besides JP (and The Devil's Playhouse), does any other Telltale game support the Xbox controller? It seems that Back to the Future doesn't...

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  • Does TellTale Games support PlayStation 3 controller?


  • As far as I know, the XInput pads are supported in all games.

    I'm using an Xbox360 pad (wireless with USB dongle) with BTTF myself.
    (Be sure to plug it in BEFORE starting the launcher.)

    EDIT: Oh, and of course, if you own the pad already, you can download the demos and just try :)

  • Controllers are fully supported in Devil's Playhouse, Back to the Future and Wallace & Gromit (and of course the upcoming Jurassic Park).

    Weirdly, you can use one in Monkey Island to move Guybrush around, open your inventory and menu, select things in your inventory or examine them, and pretty much everything else except for moving the cursor or selecting hotspots. You can solve this by using a program called Xpadder, which you can use to asign buttons or mouse movements to your controller buttons or sticks. Just assign your mouse movements to the right control stick, and you're ready to go.

    You can actually use that same program to play any Telltale game with a controller, if you don't mind moving a mouse pointer around with a control stick.

    I've got a different question: I'm using a third-party controller, so the controller buttons show up as those boring, kind of ugly, black buttons with (1) or (2) in them. The problem is that the buttons on my controller actually look the same as on a regular Xbox 360-controller. Is there any way to trick the games into thinking I'm using an official Xbox-controller, so that the on screen buttons match up to my actual controller?

    And yes, I'm aware that this is the worst kind of 1st world issue. I'm a terrible person.

  • @_djs_ said: Does TellTale Games support PlayStation 3 controller?


    PS3 controllers aren't PC compatible. There's supposedly a hack you can do to make them work, but if you don't do it correctly, you can totally disable all USB ports on your computer, which is fixable, but only if you know how and have a computer that has PS/2 ports for your keyboard and mouse.

    tl;dr: You don't want to try hooking a PS3 controller to your PC.

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