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Back To The Future (Episode 2) Trouble with Startup Menu

posted by ChaosDX1 on - last edited - Viewed by 64 users

I got Episode 1 when you guys were giving it out for free, and bought the full package just now.

I tried running Episode 2, but the startup menu that comes up won't do anything past showing a blank screen:

I ran Episode 1 again just to test it and that one still runs fine.

Other info: I'm running it on a Mac.

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  • Yup, this started happening to me too after I installed episode 3. I went back and tried the episode 1 and 2 launchers and they worked normally, and all the episodes I have installed are available. The problem persists after the installation of episode 4 too. Not a big deal since I can still play the games, but annoying all the same.

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