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Appreciatng the textures in Sam an Max up close - doable?

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While playing Sam and Max Season One I noticed lots of interesting high-res "textures" (such as magazine covers at Bosco's counter, diplomas and tabloid covers at Sybil's, etc, etc) that cannot be viewed up close, because Sam is too far from them and the game sadly has absolutely no camera controls.
I wonder if there is a way to see closeup of "Organ donor" or "Self loathing weekly" and appreciate all the tiny details that went into it.
Maybe some kind of resource extractor, or some kind of a "noclip" cheat? I hope I am not the only one with a subconscious urge to see those bits :)

PS. sorry for the typo in the subject!


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  • Press "PrintScn" above the insert key and open an image editor. Create a blank image and select paste from the edit menu.

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    Simplex BANNED

    I know how to make screenshots, but what benefit would that give me? I still wouldn't be able to see the textures from close-up, and zooming the image will pixellate it.

  • So you want the original textures? I think if you extracted the resource files, that might make Telltale angry. But they might honor a request for a high resolution original of a texture, if one exists.

    Here you are, best I can do for you. I can do nothing about the black line.


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    Simplex BANNED

    Thanks! Thats exactly what I am looking for :) Now If I only could see the organ donor in the same zoom ;) I bet telltale put some jokes and easter eggs in those textures - pity they are so hard to see from within the game (e.g. the texture of the broken slot machines in Ep. 3 Mafia-free Casino is only visible in scenes where the bug reports Max what the guard had said).
    Anyways, sooner or later every successful game with big enough fanbase will gets its resources extracted, it's only a matter of time - and that is a fact of life. And I dont mean extracting it to do some bad things - just to be able to appreciate the textures in its full glory - they are really beutiful, quite hi-rez and I am sure the creators put a lot off effort in creating them. Whose to appreciate them, if not the gamers? :)
    Thanks again for the self loathing - how did you manage to produce it? (print screen, paste, zoom?)

  • It'd be nice if there were an option to slip into first-person view, but I have a feeling that might expose the lack of a fourth wall in some locations.

  • there was a resource dumper made for the original 3 telltale games, but then telltale asked the creater to not update the program to work with the newer games (sam and max) so i doubt that telltale will release one of their own............. but stranger things have happened (and out of respect for telltale i will not link the website with the program)

    and all of the locations in sam and max have a 4th wall............. and some of them have a lot of detail on them, but they always try to show the detail on the other walls during the talk scenes when they can

  • Now that I think about it, you're right, the other walls do tend to show up during cutscenes and such.

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    Simplex BANNED

    So now I dream of a first-person free-look game-mod ;)

  • @Simplex said: Thanks again for the self loathing - how did you manage to produce it? (print screen, paste, zoom?)

    You're welcome. Yep, I used print screen and paste, ect. But I probably had a bit of an advantage, because I have Photoshop 9.0 CS2. I did quite a few things to the image actually. I'll get an organ trader shot up for you here tonight maybe. :D

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    Simplex BANNED

    Thanks, that is very kind of you :)
    If you could get the cover of the Love Alien Rectangle (with Elvis) I would be even happier :)

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