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"My Games"-page: Language select

posted by Michael Listening on - Viewed by 243 users

Dear Telltale,

when I want to see a movie in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, I basically have the following options:

E (English, no subtitles)
Edf (English with German and French subtitles, one of two ways to watch an American movie in the cinema round here)
Ee (English with English subtitles, an option introduced only by the DVD, but quite popular not only amongst English teachers!)
D (German, the other way to watch a movie in the cinema)

Now I guess this is not an issue in the US, but that ('D' or 'Edf') is what it actually says in the cinema program around here: Upper case for spoken language, lower case for subtitles. Both is needed to know what you will get, right?

So this is what I miss on the 'My Games' page: Information on what voice-files and what subtitles (plus what menu language, although I think everyone knows -that- much English) will be available in which version. For example, oddly enough, to get 'Back to the Future 103' in E, the version I chose does not seem to matter, because all of the voice files are included in all of the versions. But if I want to switch between subtitle languages (Ee / Ed), I have to download the other version! This is not what I would expect, so it would be great if you could at least state it on the My Games page, that the 'English' version 'contains English, German and French voices, English subtitles and English menu', whereas the 'German' version 'contains English, German and French voices, German subtitles and German menu'.

What do you think?


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