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Translation (german)

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i just played through the first episode of BTTF and I like it very much (not as much as Sam & Max but still enough), but the german translation (text) is often a bit strange (I´m able to understand english). For example "Pipes" is translated as "Pfeife" (that´s either the one you use for smoking or its a whistle), the right translation would be "Rohr". How is the text generated? Did you use google translate? Does some native speaking guy is looking over it?

It´s not a big problem, but sometimes (like already mentioned) strange.

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  • I suppose the translation is done as always:
    - A guy gets all the strings in a game in a list and has to find out what line means what. So if there is some on-going conversation, as a translator, you could find out what it's all about; if it's just one word, it's immensely harder to understand the meaning of this.
    Of course the game is not available to refer to.

    So your "pipes" example, while unfortunate, is quite understandable.

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