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  • Oh for...TellTale! I thought you FIXED that roar!!! :(

  • The footage looks good, and the new music sounds fantastic. If it weren't for the synths, I would have thought you actually got Williams! Jared is truly a chamaleonic composer, and I mean that 100% as a compliment.

    But one thing bothered me: The sound effects. No, I'm not talking about the Rex roar. I'm talking about the rest of the sound effects, most of them seemed missing. Maybe it's because it's only a demo, but I hope they add the missing sound effects.

  • they did fix the roar, that was a older demo when they didn't have the universal dinosaur sounds at that time.

  • No, I don't think they ever fixed the roar. They just edited it in the Pre-Order trailer. I can see now why Telltale wants to rework this game. It's a little to... how do you say it.. downgrade. They are really going to make it good now since they signed to release it with X360.

  • @wish bones said: they did fix the roar, that was a older demo when they didn't have the universal dinosaur sounds at that time.

    I can't agree with that when all the low growls of the rex are ripped straight from the movie. It's just that damned roar.

  • Nice! I really like how this looks so far! And of course it's gonna sound funny, it was an old demo. And the roar was the only one they could get at the moment, as they didn't have the rights from Universal yet.

  • lol like there arent low grade xbox games? I really don't think that's the reason.

  • this footage also shows how laggy the gameplay actually is.
    it isn't fluent at all. you can clearly see when the game "loads the predefined animated scenes" and how it pauses when you have to push the right button.
    would be nice if it finally runs a lot smoother.

  • Very cool video! It must be an older preview because there have been discussions about the T-rex roar and even the signage being corrected. Hopefully, they will be able to fix that license plate, also.

    I enjoyed watching this without the background commentary.

  • Movement could me smoother, i hope they will fix that. And i hope we got something else for PC but push "X" push "RB" etc... that looks so much console and really kills the atmosphere. Maybe some kind of a bar like you have in MMORPGs that is fixed on the screen or beeing faded out if you want to.
    What can be seen is that the game is nothing elso but a follow of video-sequenzes. These should look much better because there is nothing to be calculated in realtime.

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