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Let's write a song!!

posted by JedExodus on - last edited - Viewed by 728 users

So a good few folks around here play instruments so i'd thought it'd be fun if we all brought something to the table and tried to put a song together.

Putting it all together will be a bit of a nightmare but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The very least we'll get from this is that we'll get to bounce a few ideas off each other and gave a bit of craic :) For now we don't have to worry about recording quality and tempo cos we're esentially just brainstorming

Anyway, here's my rough proposal for a theme, I dunno if anyone would wanna work with anything in this vein but it's nice to hear feedback!

Likewise post your ideas, every style and instrument is welcome and hopefully between us all we can get something really nice going on :)

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