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Bought 5, got 1... WTF, mate?

posted by Nominrath on - last edited - Viewed by 100 users

Dear telltale,

Bought the discounted 5 episode package of Back to the Future The Game, but only got the first 'free' episode. Where are the rest of the episodes that I bought (that are available)? What's going on here?

A. Block

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  • Have you checked "Your Games" yet? (The Joystick logo in the top right corner of this website)

    If they're not there for download (Episodes 1-4 so far, Ep 5 is out towards the end of May), then email with your order number/serial number and they should be able to help you out.

    (NOTE: this assumes you bought them direct from TTG on this website. If you purchased via Steam/PSN you'll need to contact Valve/Sony instead)

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