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Telltale at E3 2011

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Update: Telltale confirmed what they're going to show at E3. See post #14.

E3 is coming closer and closer, and while people everywhere are hoping to catch a glimpse of GTA V or the new Zelda, there's one company that's going to blow all others out of the water. That's right, Telltale is back, and according to the E3 Exhibitor List they're marked as a 'First Look Exhibitor' (, you can also find them on the interactive floor plan on that same website). I'm not sure what that means, but I assume it means that we're going to get our first look at one or more of their new titles. What could it be?

Possible titles:

* The Walking Dead: The Game -> New information was promised on E3 and the San Diego Comic-Con.
Source: the official Walking Dead: The Game facebook page (among others):
[quote]The Walking Dead: The Game ‎@RobertSevigny: We'll have some more information as we head into E3 and San Diego Comic Con.[/quote]

* King's Quest -> Several sources reported that Telltale would reveal more information about King's Quest during E3, so this one will probably be there.
[quote]"We have agreed to a multi-title, multiplatform deal to reboot the King's Quest franchise," Telltale SVP of marketing, Steve Allison, announced during a press event last night. "Much like we did with Tales of Monkey Island, we're rebooting King's Quest with all new episodic games and multiple series." He provided no details beyond that, but promised more would be revealed at E3 this June.[/quote]
(the fact that he compares rebooting King's Quest to the way they handled Monkey Island makes me think it won't be a complete reboot)

* Puzzle Agent 2 -> Originally given a Spring 2011 release date, and Kid Beyond mentioned that the team was working on it in the recent video interview on the TTG Blog, which means that Telltale should be able to start showing more footage from the game pretty soon.

* Law & Order: LA -> Announced for a 2011 release, but not much is known about the game beyond that fact.

* Fables -> Announced for a 2012 release. Again, not much is known about the game, but I wouldn't expect to see much of it at E3. Probably too far in the future.

* Jurassic Park: The Game -> I assume everyone here knows about the situation with Jurassic Park. It's possible it will have a place at E3, depending on the fact if they want to use the same demo they used at their recent press event. Not exactly a first-look though.

* Some previously unannounced title -> Yeah, right. Not going to happen. Unless it's a new Theodore Dudebrough-game.

I'm mostly excited about seeing Walking Dead and King's Quest myself. Walking Dead because of the fact that I love the original comics, and I'm really curious about what they're going to do with it. I don't really have a strong connection with King's Quest (grew up as a Lucasarts-guy), but I am pretty curious about how a Sierra-style Telltale-game will look and play.

Of course, I really want that Puzzle Agent-sequel, but I think we sort of know what we can expect from that title.

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