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Episode 5: Bug Report *spoilers likely*

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the overall quality and content over the course of the season seems to be improving, and i am finding less and less with each episode to nitpick

Graphic lag : the graphical lag errors that were in episode 4 are now gone, and i noticed almost no sound lag in my first playthrough of the game

Sound: the only time the game lagged was when i entered a few of the locations and the sound started skipping for a few seconds (but this was most likely caused by my computer antivirus sweep running, and not the game itself)

i am also sure that you will all be happy to hear that the game automaticly sets the graphic quality to the highest supported resolution and setting, so you do not have to skip through and then replay the intro just to adjust the settings.............. it was a surprise when i started the game to see the game at full resolution right from the get-go, thanks for listening telltale

surprisingly i think that the virtual reality locations run better than the original locations (despite the complexity of the graphics and the sheer amount of animated things) and this is good since about 80% of the episode takes place in the virtual world

the only major bug i saw is that if you want to replay the episode for a second time, you have to close the game and restart it............. because if you do not, you will have the virtual reality items in the real world when the game starts (instead of Sgt. bug and your 44 magnum, you have the ray gun and the computer bug) and you cannot get the original item set back untill you get the virtual reality goggles..... and sam just says "no way" to everything when you try to use the virtual items in the real world. i will post a screenshot of this in a moment

EDIT: here is a shot of that inventory glitch

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