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Order dispatchment or refund...

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Over a month has passed since I ordered The Devil's Playhouse with Collector's DVD, and the package still hasn't even been dispatched from the warehouse according to mytelltale purchases page. I've ordered literally hundreds of items from the USA since the 1990s, and on all but one occasion they arrived with me well inside this time frame. Such a situation is inexcusable.

Even worse in my opinion, is the contemptible (lack of) customer support. In late April and early May I sent two polite enquiries about my order's status to, and to this date both messages have been ignored. At the time I thought there might be a flaw in Telltale's systems, so I sent a pm with the same enquiry to Amy Lukima on the 10th of May, and that was ignored too. A glance at the support forums seems to indicate that ignoring paying customers is a common occurrence here. One person on the "Worst Support Ever???" thread mentions:

@EPepito1 said: I didn't get my issues with shipping an order resolved until I complained on their Facebook page. Then they got it shipped out right away. Kind of sad.

Very sad indeed for paying customers, but ultimately Telltalegames will lose out when these people choose never to buy their products in the future. A shame really, I wanted to like Telltalegames for the fine games they develop, but the disrespect they show to their consumers is intolerable.

I've been polite and patient about this matter for over a month now, and I'm still no closer to any resolution. If Telltalegames don't give me precise information on when my order will be dispatched soon, I can only deduce that they have no intention of sending it at all. So I ask that Telltalegames either give me clear information on when my order will be dispatched promptly, or offer a full refund for breaking our contract. Otherwise, I will be left no choice but to try to resolve matters through my credit card company to gain reimbursement for services not rendered.


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  • Update:

    5 weeks after the initial purchase, my order has finally arrived today (although according to mytelltale page it is still awaiting shipment!).

    Though I'm pleased that I no longer need to seek reimbursement through my credit card company, I can't help but feel that this unpleasantness could have been avoided with better communication on Telltale's part. Really, most of the matters raised on the support forums should have been dealt with privately, but when so many people are being ignored they're left no alternative but to make their grievances public. I'm just pleased that I won't have to deal with this non-existent support service again. It was like trying to squeeze water out of a stone!

  • Shuv-Oohl, are you in the US/Canada or overseas?

    It's not uncommon for international shipments from Telltale to take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to arrive from the shipping date.

  • @Molokov said: Shuv-Oohl, are you in the US/Canada or overseas?

    It's not uncommon for international shipments from Telltale to take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to arrive from the shipping date.

    I'm overseas, but that wasn't really the point...

    According to my personal Telltale page the order has been submitted to the warehouse and is still awaiting shipment. Of course I have the item now, so clearly that information is false. Nevertheless, it was the only info I had, and so I asked the Telltale team on several occasions (very politely the first few times) to clarify when or whether my order had been shipped, but I was completely ignored! Now if Telltale had have behaved appropriately, and told me that my order had been dispatched, then I would not have had any cause to make all these posts on the support forums. I can't criticise Telltale for the postal service, but I cannot forgive them for the complete lack of respect they have shown and continue to show. Ultimately it is their loss though. Ignoring and disrespecting customers isn't a good way to generate brand loyalty, and clearly I am not the only customer here who has been poorly treated.

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