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No order and no JP refund 4 messages sent.

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To whom it may concern.

There are two issues I would like you to look into first of all my order with the number 600098600029205 which was placed and paid for on Jan 3rd 2011 and you have apparently sent out twice with the second dispatch being priority post. I dont know if that is tracked or not but if it is please can you provide the tracking number. The items outstanding are Sam & Max Season Two Case File (disco'ed)

Sam & Max Season Two + Collector's DVD

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People + Collector's DVD

Sam & Max Season One + Bonus Disc

Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse + Collector's DVD

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures + Collector's DVD

I also ordered Monkey Island at the same time but only the digital copy and ordered the disc the next day. That arrived in 5 days. The order is still showing as awaiting dispatch. The order was first sent out sometime to email contact on 14th March and the duplicate order would have been sent out sometime after 20th April. Issue 45299, 47134

The second issue is the lack of refund for JP which was promised. I did recieved an email saying that the refund had been returned to my card but it has not. I only have one card and the money is not there. I have given you plenty of time to look into this and I have also sent you 3 messages on this issue alone of which two have not been replied to. The numbers for these issues (according to the email replies) are 48007, 48277.

Please can you look into these matters and get back to me. Im sure you can understand the frustration this is causing but I know sometimes problems do happen outside of companies control so I am happy to wait a little bit longer if needed.



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