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Sheet music fo Theme song

posted by maxxorz on - last edited - Viewed by 514 users

Hey guys,

I was wondering if I could get my sticky hands on a copy of sheet music for the Sam and Max intro. If there was one with the Sax solo in Ep.3, that would be great!


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  • I'll ask the Bay Area Sound guys about this, but don't hold your breath... at least not until the season is done. That said, it's an awesome idea, so I'll see what I can do for you.

    Also, the sax solo is just that - a solo. It was improved by Jordan, the sax player, and therefore wasn't really written down or anything.

  • But that doesn't mean it can't be, Jake.

    Maxxorz, I run a site where people ask for our arrangements all the time. I'll tell you what I tell them: don't expect to get them, but use your ear and figure it out yourself. It'll make you a much better musician.

    Oh, and for that shameless plug:

  • Ok, thanks for the help.

    It would be quite tricky to do by ear... I dont think ill do that.

    See what you can do.


  • I've started working on the theme song - thought i might give it a shot

    Ive attached it here, but I have not done much
    please note that it is very much a work in progress

    its in midi format

    please tell me what you think of it

  • Sounding good so far... I know it's a hell to do stuff by ear, especially huge arranged pieces like big band or soundtracks. Been there, done it.

  • Wow, you did a really great job! That's really tough to do by ear... and the drum parts are good, too. I hate transcribing percussion parts.

  • Thanks for the comments!

    I have just come back to school, so I do not have much time for this...
    I am also doing th Halo theme - much easier to transcribe
    I've attached it here

    once again - a work in progress

    With Sam and max theme, it is very hard to Individually identify notes - the piano part was diabolical! i had to A-B loop the second chord for about 10 seconds to finally get it...

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