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[Devil's Playhouse] - problems using an Xbox360 controller in the PC version

posted by Bagatoli On Ice on - Viewed by 308 users

Greetings, Telltale forums!

I just started - or tried to start - playing Sam & Max Season 3 (PC) and I think the "new" keyboard+mouse controls are quite uncomfortable.

So I decided to play it with my Xbox360 controller (just a default microsoft one). Now to the problem:

If I press any button or move any stick the mouse disappears and the game recognizes I'm using a gamepad. But shortly after (1 second or less) the mouse pops back up.

What makes it impossible to play is that as soon as the mouse pops up, the next action via gamepad will not do anything except making the mouse disappear. It is impossible to use an item using the gamepad because the mouse and the gamepad have their own inventories. Whenever I press a button it switches to the gamepad inventory and before I can do anything, back to the mouse version.

(It's the only gamepad I have - I already tried unplugging the mouse, same problem)

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thank you for your answers

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