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AWKWARD TEENAGE MAN SYNDROME - The Nerd Band You Need to Hear!

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I hope that its okay for me to post this shameless plug, if it isn't I sincerely apologize. I am the lead singer and lyricist in a nerd band called Awkward Teenage Man Syndrome, and we write songs about such various topics as Mario, facebook creeping, and math. This song, "Girl You Derive Me Crazy" is our first music video and first released song. I'd like to say we're what Jonathan Coulton would be if he were younger, was a band, and didn't have an awesome beard. I hope you guys enjoy this, and without further ado. Here is the link to our video

"Girl You Derive Me Crazy"
A math-pun filled nerd rock/pop original

if you like us, show your love on facebook!

Hope you all enjoy :)

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