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Anyone want to do a Marathon?

posted by el_duderino1251 on - last edited - Viewed by 555 users

I apologize if there's a thread on this already and most likely I will be moved but from what I gathered in Gametrailers TV show, June 23rd will be the date the 5th episode is released. Anyways, I plan to do an entire BTTF marathon which includes:

June 17: Back To The Future
June 18: Back To The Future part 2
June 19: Back To The Future part 3
June 20: BTTF: The Game - It's About Time
June 21: BTTF: The Game - Get Tannen!
June 22: BTTF: The Game - Citizen Brown
June 23: BTTF: The Game - Double Visions
June 24: BTTF: The Game - OUTATIME

I say the 24th just because Telltale games usually release it at night and we would be playing it until after midnight.

Anyways, you can do whatever you want whether you want to make it in one day or follow what I will do but I'm just wondering other than myself if there's gonna be anyone doing the same thing.

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