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SUGGESTION: redesign the box art, AND remove "The Game" from the cover.

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If the box in the beginning of this video is supposed to be the official box art for the game, then I will be very disappointed, because it lacks creativity....As an aspiring artist, I feel that the box designers should put more effort in this aspect.

Since the game is being delayed, there's still a chance to change the box art, completely. This could be a change for the better.

These are not demands, they are simply recommendations. I assume the game's developers are reading these forums.

(1) Remove "The Game" from the cover.

Just leave the title as "Jurassic Park"...That's all it needs.

There's nothing wrong with PROMOTING the game by using the words "The Game" underneath the main logo...but that doesn't mean those 2 words have to be part of the game's official title.

I personally believe that leaving the title as just "Jurassic Park" with nothing else underneath it, will enhance the symbolism of the cover. If we look at the cover and the title only says "Jurassic Park", it could represent the idea of us revisiting the world of Jurassic Park, without having to be reminded that it's "just a game".

Just because other movie-based games have "The Game" in their titles, doesn't change the fact that it's redundant. There's no need to put "The Game" underneath the main title. We're ALREADY going to know that we're buying a video game, because we'll see the platform label (PC/XBox/PS3) at the top of the box.

(2) Design new artwork for the cover.

As I said before, the box art in that Youtube video is disappointing, because there's nothing in it to intrigue any customers, especially the ones who haven't seen any of the Jurassic Park movies.

Alllow me to make a comparison with Avatar (2009 movie)'s my favorite movie, but I was still very disappointed with the DVD/Blu-ray box covers.
All they show is a blue face (or a blue hand), and unless you saw the movie in theaters, there's no way to understand the significance of those images.

Before Avatar was released on DVD/Blu-ray, I saw many displays and posters promoting the movie. They showed the protagonist riding his flying pet, with the floating mountains in the background, and the villain's gunships approaching in the distance. Some displays even showed the protagonist and his love-interest on opposite sides of the picture.
And to this day, I'm thinking: Why the heck wasn't THAT the cover of the DVD/Blu-ray? That would've been perfect. It showed the characters, it showed the setting, and it gave hints of the movie's primary conflict.

The same situation applies to "[I]Jurassic Park: The Game[/I]".

All we see in the cover is a shadowy mountain below the title. It doesn't show anything about the game's premise, OR the premise of the franchise for that matter....And it's kind of been done before, the cover for the Sega-Genesis game is almost exactly the same.

You should consider the feelings of those who enjoy looking at box art for video games (artists in general)...You have a chance to earn our appreciation by creating a cover design that's actually complex and can "speak a thousand words".

Maybe the new box art can show the game's main cast below the title, with a stormy sky above the title to symbolize the game's dark atmosphere. The jungle/facility can be drawn around the title, with the T-Rex and Raptors on each side.

That is not really what I want to see in the game's cover. I'm just using that as an example of what the new box art should basically include: the characters, the setting, and some hints of the conflict in the storyline.

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