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Bttf download problema

posted by Ichigotaste on - last edited - Viewed by 122 users

I just recently bought the back to the future games, but I'm a little confuzeled :confused:

For one do I have to download the games to play them or are they shipped to me?

Second i tryed to download episode one on my laptop, but it doesn't work or start for that matter.

I would click on it, get the little hourglass and then it would disappear and the game wouldn't start.

I'm guessing it might just be my laptop, but I used another laptop in the house that is a newer computer and it did the same thing that happened on mine. It didn't start :confused:

I'd like to get it figured out please :cool:

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    Not sure about your download problem.
    As for the physical copy (DVD), it will be available for pre-order shortly.
    At that time, if you're interested, you will have to place a separate order and, if you bought the digital version from the Telltale store, the DVD will be free (plus shipping costs).
    In the meantime, the downloadable versions are the only way to play the game.
    I hope you get your download problem solved.

  • Thank you so much this helped a lot :)

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