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Problem with the trophies of Puzzle Agent (PS3) are glitched!.

posted by Totavier on - Viewed by 180 users

Hi everybody i new to this site because i´m have a problem with a TellTale game and i hope you can help me and sorry if my english is not good (is not my principal language), ok now i´ll say my problem: there are two trophies in the game Puzzle Agent (for PS3) that for some bizarre or strange reason never unlocked and are the "Yeah, i´m into some stuff" and "Hvor er Olav Welhavven" i completed the task for them like 5 times and nothing, also i deleted my save file of the principal menu screen of my PS3 and started again and nothing and also i deleted the game (thinked that was glitched) and i re-downloaded again from the PS store, played again and still nothing!, so my game is glitched?, or the game itself is glitched (i bought 3 days ago when the PS store was back), hope if anyone can help me or tell me if somebody experience this problem too, i think that the game was glitched from the PS store when was back because a lot of people got this trophies when bought the game before the PSN problem.

well i leave this problem, hope you can help me because i´m really new to this games of TellTale, i never in my life played this point-and-click games and i found very fun (beside of Puzzle Agent i bought Strong Bad and Back to the Future and are awesome!).

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