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The Music

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I dont know how many of you have checked out the raw Demo footage but when the dino attack sequence starts and the horrible music starts, the music makes the sequence sound and look very corny. I truly dont mean to bad mouth TT but if they could just try and change the music instead of using synthesysers to maybe the original music that would be nice. The music now is quite suspensful and i truly dont mind it that much but it would be nice if they could use some original tracks from the movie(s)

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  • It all comes down to licensing. The original theme and a couple others will be used, according to Telltale, but they wanted to give their own spin to it. I did get a tad irritated with the synthesizer feel to it, but to me, it's personally not that big a deal. We can't really judge on just that small piece of footage, especially considering that it was the raw demo, and not the finished product. Maybe they changed things in the more polished version?

  • I doubt the music we've heard is representative. Even if they were planning to have a live orchestra record the entire score, normal practise would be to record it at a fairly late stage once everything else was locked.

  • I must say the synthesizer-music from the last Behind-The-Scenes-Trailer irritated me more than a bit. The theme just has to be big and epic but it sounded limp. I really hope they change it

  • I am truly sorry about my comments about the music. if u have seen the new walkthrough from E3 it is much better except here is one part where they use synthesizers but it flows wonderfully with the game:D

  • It does appear that the music is a little bit more smooth in the newer footage, so it's headed in the right direction

  • i think the music will make or break this game, think of any successful star wars game, it doesnt really matter what they do with the plot or story of the game as long as it has the ''feel'' and i think most fans of any epic film in recent history will agree that a subconcsious connection occurs when you hear the melodies in the games that you once identified with in the the films, the overall experience is just plain awesome.

  • I loved the music I heard in the game footage that just came out! The composer already has done some fun variations on the main JP theme and even the carnivore motif! I just have one suggestion for him... let it loose during some of the action sequences in the game! Hell, it'd be a real treat to do a cue that sounded like the music when the T-Rex chases the jeep in the film... since that track was not even released on the CD album, sadly. That kind of fun yet scary sound to me is what Jurassic Park is all about.

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