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  • They arn't really bugs, as bugs prevent you from progressing in the game not from repeating something that you've already done and have no need to do again.

  • Well, there are showstoppers (that prevent you from continuing) and then there are cosmetic bugs. These two does make the game look a little sloppy.

    Thanks for reporting them.

  • After some testing with Sam and Max episode 3, I have found exactly when the slowdown occurs, at least on my system. Ep.'s 1 and 2 had virtually no issues on my xp-pro or vista machines. But episode 3, thankfully my least favorite, does have odd bouts of slowdown. The slowdown occurs exactly at the time that lovable, psychotic little max is roaming around the environments. When he stands still, the framerate snaps back to normal. Emily had mentioned DRM as well, but at least from my experience, the slowdown only occurs precisely when Max is roaming around the environments, when he stops, and he frequently does, the problem resolves. This leads me to believe that there is something up with Max's ability to explore the environment on his own. I dunno, just my take from extensive playing. Here are my system specs. for the testbed. -Ryan West
    AMD 64 4000+
    ASUS K8V VIA Chipset
    2gb DDR400 Ram
    Windows Vista Ultimate

  • Hi rwestmusic,
    Did you find a way to fix your issue? I have exactly the same slowdown as you but mine happens in Episode 2, when I start the game in Sam&Max's office.
    Note: The entire Episode 1 works prefectly for me. No frame rate issue at all.

    For Episode 2, the frame rate is as good as usual (around 30) until Max (the rabbit) starts walking (the frame rate drops below 5 fps). As soon as Max stops walking or plays idle animations; the frame rate comes back to normal. If I move Sam while Max is standing, the frame rate does not suffer at all.

    system specs:
    AMD XP 1900+
    ATI X800XL
    1.5GB DDR ram
    Windows XP

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