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Telltale's terms and conditions

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I'm quite interested in some of your games, so the recent sale caught my eye, but your terms and conditions seem ludicrous, and I refuse to shop with you under those conditions.

I thought I'd query them with you, given that they say they were last updated in 2005, just in case the text on the web site is simply out of date, and you need a reminder to update it.

The offending content is:

[quote]if you provide TELLTALE, Inc. with your e-mail address or personal identifying information via a registration process or post it or submit it on TELLTALE you thereby authorize TELLTALE, Inc. and its affiliates and any entities that TELLTALE, Inc. becomes involved with or merges with or becomes acquired by, the right to use your valid email address and personal identifying information for marketing programs or communications with you.[/quote]

I'm a little surprised that no one else has objected to be honest, but the search didn't turn anything up. Does no one read these things?

Please advise whether this is still your policy.

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