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Sam & Max sketchbooks for sale (Effigy Mound and Age of S&M)

posted by buddudandslash on - last edited - Viewed by 596 users

I'm new to the forums and I figured this would be the place to do this. I have the Sam & Max sketchbooks Age of S&M and The Effigy Mound, and I am looking to sell them. I figured I could maybe find someone who really wanted to get a hold of these for a reasonable price and we could make a deal. I love these sketchbooks, but I need to find a way to afford a summer trip this year. I'm hoping to find an everyone wins situation.
If anyones' interested, make an offer. Thanks :)

EDIT: The pair of books have been claimed now, and are no longer available for offers. Thank you to all who were interested on the Telltale forums. As I am powerless to do it, I request this thread be deleted now. Thanks again :)

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