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Has my order shipped yet?

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my order # is 600131291166098

Just curious. :D

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  • I would also like to know if my order was shipped. I already contacted support and they were not too helpful or specific :(( From June 5th until Now is a long time to wait; especially if you're going to tell me I'm not going to get my order. I still love telltale and have always bought almost all their games right away, when they first were released. This is my very first posting here and hopefully not my last :)) Let me know something, Telltale, okay?
    Order #600130637967555 | Placed June 5, 2011

    Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition

    Tales of Monkey Island Blowout Pack (On Hold)

    Your order has been submitted to our warehouse and will ship soon. Please check back later for shipping info.

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