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BttF can't login (issue 49804)

posted by Nagaoka on - last edited - Viewed by 173 users

Hi! Tried emailing support (issue 49804) on Tuesday but haven't gotten a response yet. I would imagine it's pretty busy over there.

I was downloading the Back to the Future games on my new computer so I could prepare for episode 5's release. However, I find when I run any episode, the log in screen gives me the "Sorry, but it doesn't look like you own Back to the Future: The Game." message. I checked the game on my old laptop (which I had played the games previously on with no problems) and was met with the same screen, but I was able to log in fine and run the game. Tried following the advice given to other people who had this problem, but nothing helped.

Oddly enough though, I've discovered that if I DON'T use "run as administrator" to start episode 1, I'm able to log in and it brings me to the launcher screen. However, because I'm not running the game as administrator, then I can't hit the PLAY button. If I try to run as administrator afterwards, it will always take me to the log in screen again. Running normally brings me to the launcher screen I can't get past. It's a catch-22! I've only gotten this to work on episode 1 as well, the other games just plain don't let me log in. This is driving me crazy trying to figure out.

Things I've tried:
-I've checked the username/email and password on Telltale's site and I'm able to log in fine there
-I've tried "Ctrl/Shift/+" and "Ctrl/Shift/-" in the launcher and hit yes to both dialogue boxes. It resets the activation, but still doesn't let me sign in.
-I've turned off my firewall and antivirus
-various windows compatibility settings also never let me get past the log in screen
-uninstalled/reinstalled each episode

Now that episode 5 is out I've downloaded it and I can say, sadly, the issue continues with that episode as well. I'm stumped! Can anyone help?

edit: Forgot to add, I'm having this issue on a Windows 7 64-bit PC

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