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What I would've liked to see as the OUTATIME ending (spoilers)

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Hearty congrats to Telltale for another entertaining and engaging game! You folks are setting a pretty high bar for interactive fiction, which is nothing short of what is expected of your staff.

While the ending to OUTATIME effectively ratchets up some hype for the next season, I was fully expecting what (to me) would have been a more interesting cliffhanger for BTTF continuity. That being: Artie marries Trixie, who would NOT really be Sylvia. This would (of course) lead to some change in the McFly family gene pool, as evidenced by "Michael J. Fox" Marty cross-dissolving into the first movie's abandoned "Eric Stoltz" Marty.

This could have led to some interesting situations in the second season as Marty and Doc embarked on another time-travel quest to reclaim Marty's true identity. "Eric Stoltz" Marty could have had some different personality traits that would grow more defined as the story progressed, to the point where he changes his mind about reverting... potentially risking one of those universe-destroying paradoxes. Think about it: so far the BTTF stories have basically been about changing other peoples' destinies. It might have been an interesting approach to have something themed on altering one's own identity.

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  • This would have been awful in my opinion. Maybe for an episode but not a good idea I think. If that happened, Marty wouldn't change personalities, he would just never have been born. He would have had only half of George's chromosones that he previously had (the missing half being "Sylvia"). Assume Marty remained with a behavioural change. If Marty changed his personality, why would he have any desire to go back and change into his old self whatsoever? He wouldn't know any better that he was not destined to have that personality.

  • I just would have preffered something that made sense.

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