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can I link the telltale games I just bought to my steam account?

posted by Davrix on - last edited - Viewed by 222 users

I've been hoping for a good steam sale for a couple of the telltale seasons I have been wanting. However none has come up for all the ones I have wanted. I came across the 75 percent sale on the last day on the site itself.

So i snagged up what i have been hoping to play or pay for because I played season 1 of sam and max at a friends place awhile back. I have loved and am a huge supporter in the fact telltale has brought back the adventure game market so at the very least I can pay them something for even something I have already played be it on a sale I know :)

This brings me to my main question though. The games I have bought from the site right now. Can i link them to my steam library so i can just download and store them on there without having re-download them from the telltale site?

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