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How much will you donate for Telltale's Gift?

posted by AdamG on - last edited - Viewed by 860 users

Alright, if everyone who voted on the last poll was honest, we can expect around 40 people or so to donate to the gift fund. Now... We need to figure out two more things.

First, how much will you donate to the gift fund which we will use to buy the best gift(s) for Telltale that we can raise?

Second, who do you believe among the most frequent posters here is most trust-worthy to be the treasurer? This person will be whom we mail our donation checks to. Also, this person will be the one to purchase the gift(s) and make sure that Telltale gets it.

In regards to the treasurer that we pick, I ask that Telltale refuse to do business with said person if he or she doesn't do their duty as treasurer. And, of course, if said person turns out to be dishonest they will go down in infamy in Sam & Max lore as, well... A really nasty person.

One last thing. I ask that anyone who has friends that are fans of Sam & Max to inform their friends of this fund raising, and to ask them to come on here and contribute. We will begin raising the funds on April 15th, when the poll closes and the treasurer is selected.

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